Walking Map Goes to Press on Friday October 21st!


Attention GSBA members: This Friday is the absolute cut-off for changes to your member profile. We will be exporting all data that is on the GSBA website this weekend and submitting it to print the Stapleton Walking Map.

Please, please, please visit the site and review your listing. Even if you previously updated your data with Justin or Jim, the migration of multiple data sources to the website resulted in a few discrepancies.

If anything is incorrect, please email us or follow the instructions below. This really is your last chance to correct any mistakes!

Update your own Member Directory listing from now on

You can now make your own changes to your member listing through the website. To get started, just complete the membership application here:


Once you do, you'll automatically be redirected to the Members Only area of the website (you'll be automatically signed in), but you won't be able to edit your directory listing until we assign it to you. That will happen quickly after you submit the membership application and we'll notify you by email as soon as it's available for you.