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GSBA Membership Agreement

This agreement defines the privileges and responsibilities between the Greater Stapleton Business Association (“GSBA”), a Colorado non-profit organization, and Applicant named below (“Applicant”).

With acceptance of an application for membership and for as long as dues are paid to and accepted by the GSBA Board, an Applicant will be known as an Active Member of GSBA (“Member”). For the duration of the membership agreement, GSBA and Member agree to the following terms:

Active Member

  1. Member will pay dues as specified in a separate dues schedule for as long as it desires to remain a Member.
  2. Members may enjoy the membership benefits provided by GSBA.
  3. Member has a limited sub-license from GSBA to use the GSBA logo to promote itself as a “GSBA Member” in advertising, website, and other materials, subject to the following conditions:
    1. Logo may not be altered or combined with any other logo, image or text that changes the logo’s meaning or integrity.
    2. Logo may only be used to advertise Member’s GSBA membership; it may not be used to brand products or services.
    3. The GSBA Board will decide any issues regarding appropriate use of the GSBA name or trademark.
  4. Member grants GSBA the right to display its name and logo as a Member business.
  5. Member will cease using logo and GSBA affiliation if and when it ceases to be a Member. 


  1. GSBA will provide membership benefits on a best efforts basis.
  2. GSBA will on a best efforts basis continue to offer membership to qualified businesses, foster relationships between Member businesses, and conduct the organization as a going concern.
  3. GSBA will not share Member contact information with other parties for solicitation purposes.


Neither party has a legal relationship with the other, or claims, privileges or obligations beyond those described in this agreement. Neither party may use the others’ name or logo to imply a legal relationship with, or endorsement of, the other party, other Members, or Forest City, Inc.

You acknowledge and accept these terms by submitting this membership application.